Grammy’s Financial Group is an independent financial services company dedicated to the helping our customers meet their long term objectives.When working with a financial professional it’s essential that all the moving parts of your plan are working together, and we’re committed to making that happen at the highest level.




In a profession based on objective advice, true liberty provides many choices intended to help you, the customer.Your choice of a different financial professional is the first step in getting unbiased recommendations and unbiased advice based directly on your requirements and goals.


Our goal is to safeguard the fantasies that you strive to attain and the resources you have worked so hard to accumulate.We utilize time tested investment strategies designed to satisfy your risk tolerance and hedge against market volatility, as well as help establish layers of insurance to protect against circumstances beyond your control.



We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior service at all times. Building strong relationships between customers and their financial professionals is an integral part of creating a successful financial plan.Our clients must maintain high expectations from their advisors, and we’re committed to exceeding them.



An integral part in any financial plan is to prepare for the unknown. As an independent financial services firm, Highlander Financial Group has access to the complete landscape of the insurance industry allowing our clients the ability to pick from the products and services that best serve their needs.


Highlander Financial Group is the key to obtaining the benefits of accounts handled by some of the world’s leading investment professionals. We have one simple goal: to help you understand your dreams with a time tested program of wealth accumulation and asset management.


In Highlander Financial Group, our focus is on assisting clients on their financial journey. This typically includes an in-depth evaluation of your current financial position, a detailed discussion of your personal goals for the future, and execution of strategies recommended.


Do You Need A Loan To Your Door Today?

Money is a scarce resource. You will note that most people work in order to make money. Once you get paid, it is important that you utilise your money in order to avoid getting into debt. Some people actually get into bad debts at one time or another. This can be detrimental. It is important that you avoid getting into bad debts. You should budget your money wisely so that you can manage to maintain your current lifestyle and so forth. There are several institutions that can offer loans for bad credit. However, we the ultimate solution to all your needs. The following are some of the reasons why you need to choose us: 1. Enables you to manage your money. Managing your money might seem easy. However, this can…

Best Debt Collection Companies

Under regulations and guidance that are put in place by government that helps to protect consumers, debt collection companies have assisted creditors like medical, health care facilities, bank, student loan lenders and telecommunication companies with collecting debt. These companies varies on types of debt collection, how to collect it along with charging fees for the service. If you are considering to use debt collection company to follow payment which is owned to you, therefore you should choose the best company. Below are some of them for you to see. Client Services, Inc: It was found in 1987 and the headquarter is located in St. Charles, Mo. Client services, Inc. specializes in health care solutions, accounts receivable that include collection and recovery and process outsourcing. Progressive Financial Services: PFS a private…

Sources of Short-Term Loans

Sources of Short-Term Loans

Introduction: It reaches a time when we have to borrow some money, whether it is an emergency or you want to pay some bills here are some of the best ways to acquire a short-term loan. Asking friends and family: One of the most natural and most common way to get money nowadays.When you need fast cash without many procedures, they can be the best solution as you do not have to sign any document or go through the process of looking for a guarantor.You get to negotiate interest rates, and they usually will come at a fair price, or you might end up paying less or no interest at all.So pick up the phone and give them a call because you never know how much help they can provide…